What is RoboCap League?


A Robotics Skills Framework

Robotics for kids is gaining popularity across the globe. RoboCap League provides a framework for kids across the globe to test where they stand and helps them improve themselves.


Where Every Child Wins

Unlike other competitions where only 1 child wins, RoboCap League helps every kid reach the top. The framework helps kids understand where they stand and move up to the next level. So every child learns and wins!


By Earning Skill Caps

As a child learns Robotics skills, he/she gets a RoboCAP upon demonstrating the skills. This helps kids understand their current skill level and aim to reach the next RoboCAP skill level.

RoboCap League Framework

RoboCap Framework provides a pathway to help children master robotics skills by providing clear milestones that help them measure progress and see where they stand. Children are awarded RoboCaps of varying colors, each symbolizing their proficiency level in the field of robotics. To earn these prestigious caps, kids must demonstrate their skills in RCATs (RoboCap Assessment Tests). The chart below outlines the specific skills needed to attain different RoboCaps. It's a roadmap to success in the world of robotics.

How does the Robocap League work?

RoboCap Framework specially designed for kids

RCAT (RoboCap Assessment Tests) where kids demonstrate skills

RoboCap Skill Caps and Certification based on their skills

How to earn your RoboCap?

Enroll in RCAT (RoboCap Assessment Test)

Demonstrate your
Robotics Skills

Earn Your RoboCap and Certificate

Develop more skills and
Apply again!